Community CCTV Schemes

pac16 - Jan. 9, 2020, 11:33 a.m.

With advancement in CCTV capabilities this can aid policing and help tackle roaming criminal gangs, particularly those targeting rural areas.

The Data Commissioner is due to examine the suitability of CCTV schemes including the introduction of automatic number plate recognition systems. These cameras are able to capture number plates and are linked directly to the local Garda Divisional Headquarters. This allows Gardaí to monitor the movement of criminal gangs suspected of carrying out crime in rural communities.

There has been some concern that these systems don't comply with data protection law however Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Justice and Equality Jim O’Callaghan has said “The code of practice governing the scheme commits to ensuring that there is no improper use of CCTV equipment, and that all legal obligations set down in the Data Protection Acts are met”.

Gardaí are in favour of the roll out of CCTV across the country.

In April 2017 the Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald announced a new CCTV scheme which would run for three years with funding of €1 million being made available each year. Local organisations can apply to the department to help meet the costs associated with installing CCTV systems with the maximum grant available standing at €40,000.